Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

November 27th, 2009 by Jennifer Dunphy

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that I receive on a daily basis from clients & individuals. I hope that many of you find these useful.

1. Q- Are our results guaranteed?
A- Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on SEO services
2. Q- What is our most common service provided?
A-SEO, PR services, Web Design, Marketing Consulting
3. Q- What size companies do we work with?
A-All; From sole proprietor up to enterprise level companies
4. Q- Do you require a monthly fee?
A- It depends on the service; Some services are on a monthly billing cycle, others are project based, others are hourly
5. Q- Can your clients update their own websites, or do you have to maintain them as well?
A-Whatever works best for the client. We can build in a Content Management System (CMS) so that the client can make in house updates. We can also handle all updates & maintenance on a monthly retainer.
6. Q- How long does it take to see results?
A- It varies; It depends on many factors, to name a few; the investment level, how competitive the industry is online, what is the geographic area being covered, it is local regional or national, what are the keywords & phrases that are being optimized, and many other considerations. I have seen it take as little as 3 weeks to achieve first page placement, & as long as 9 months.
7. Q- What is the difference between Vayu Media & companies such as GoDaddy?
A-There are many. To name a few; all of our offerings are fully customized to our clients (no one size fits all), we do not do website templates & that is all they do, we only do custom design, we are a SEMPO & Google certified company (all reps and analysts are certified) & Google authorized resellers,
8. Q- How much do websites cost?
A- Websites vary from $1500 to infinity. With web design and development there are many levels of sophistication and functionality. There are also many levels of creative design. A lot of times it depends on having some rough idea of what budget constraints we are trying to work with. This helps us create a bound to the scope of the project and plan through it with a realistic strategy. We offer project based websites & We also offer small business website solutions starting at $150+ per month. The small business solutions include the design, ongoing maintenance, hosting, updates, etc..
9. Q- How do keywords work? Do they change over time?
A- Keywords are extremely important in any online marketing campaign. Keywords represent user behavior. Everyone searches in their own way, with different keywords & phrases. They are extremely dynamic.
10. Q- What is the most time consuming piece of SEO?
A-Link building is nearly evergreen. Just when you get firing on all cylinders with press releases, blogging, widget building, directory submissions, forums, content creation, and such, another new opportunity comes alone and there you are tweeting your life away. Never stop link building — it’s worth all the time and effort. Links Provide Testimonials, More Links = More Testimonials = Higher Rankings, Each link has a testimonial value, just like a citation in a written work, 7 out of 10 factors impacting natural search rankings have to deal with links-
11. Q- Where do links come from?
A-Ask for Them- Other Websites, Online Directories, Press Releases, Articles, Social Media Sites, Consumer Reviews, Web 2.0, Blogs ,Online Videos, Archives, site maps, & many other places
12. Q- What is web 2.0?
A-Design strategies, site visitor behavior and programming technologies have advanced significantly. Vayu Media is one of only a handful of design firms implementing complete Web 2.0 Standards development. Your site will designed to the Web 2.0 Standards of table-less Div Layers and CSS. This will be the foundation of your site being designed for the next 5 years not the last 5 years. The benefits are endless, including Make your pages load faster. Make your redesigns more efficient and less expensive. Help you maintain visual consistency throughout your site. Setup your site for optimum Search Engine Optimization, thus get you significantly better search engine results. Make your sites more accessible to all viewers and user agents. Give you a competitive edge as more of the world moves to using Web Standards.
13. Q-How much do Vayu Media’s services cost?
A-All of our solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs & budgets. We have service offerings ranging from $100 per month on up. We conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis with all potential clients to determine their unique needs, goals, & budget constraints, We then put together a custom solution or a number of suggestions for them to choose from.
14. Q- Do you provide visitor IP reporting?
A- Yes. We provide basic analytics with all marketing offerings. We can provide advanced analytics & consulting for an additional investment.
15. Q- Can Vayu Media handle out of state clients?
A-Yes. We handle clients worldwide. We have offices in three countries
16. Q- Does Vayu Media out source?
A-No. All of our work is done by Vayu employees
17. Q- What all do you offer?
A-Some of our most popular offerings are; SEO, Press Releases, Virtual Marketing Department, Marketing Consulting, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Website Design & Development, Blog Development & Management, E-Mail Marketing, Video Ads & Multi Media Production, Branding Strategy, 3-D & Animation, Product Merchandising, Article Development & Distribution, Mobile Applications, Text Message Marketing, Shopping Comparison Feeds, Viral Marketing, Online Reputation Management
18. Q-Is there an easy explanation of SEO?
A-Search engine optimization starts with understanding your online business objectives. Think of search engine optimization as a puzzle with many pieces – including content, design, links and tracking. Website optimization involves bringing all these pieces together to create a complete picture that makes your Website attractive to search engines and customers alike.
19. Q- What is the easiest way to identify a company that needs/wants a better online presence? A-If you Google a service/product that your client offers & they do not show up, they want to talk to me. If they are complaining that they never come up on the search engines or their positioning has dropped, they want to talk to me. If they are trying to promote a new product/service/event, they want to talk to me.
20. Q- What are good gate openers?
A-Web Designers, advertising agencies, media buyers, marketing & PR Firms that source online marketing/web design to partner agencies. Business attorneys, Franchisors, Business Coaches, Business Bankers, Marketing directors or VP of Marketing
21. Q- What are industries that you like to work with?
A-Although we work with all industries, many of our clients fall under these categories; Professional Service Firms, Attorneys, Doctors & Surgeons, Chiropractors, Magazines, Technology companies (IT outsourcing, VOIP, Hardware/Software, Virtualization, Telecom, etc.) E-Commerce Businesses, “Green Companies” (Solar & Renewable Energy), Photographers, Realtors, Politicians, Fashion Industry/Fashion Designers,
22. Q- What is a great referral?
A-Businesses looking to have an aggressive online presence on Google, Yahoo, BING, etc.
Someone that is currently doing their SEO in House & would like to see better results .
Companies that have recently downsized their internal marketing department, or do not have an internal marketing department. Companies that have an internal marketing person/department but no online experts. Someone that just started a new business. A business that is wanting to gain market share from their competitors.

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