A Certified SEM Professional is Just a Call Away

December 15th, 2009 by Jennifer Dunphy

Certified SEM Professional

Jennifer Dunphy met requirements of SEMPO Institute by successfully completing in-depth training on Insider’s Guide to Search Marketing, and received SEMPO Institute Certificate Number 4716 effective 2/6/2009.

Developed by leading Search Marketing professionals (See Authors), peer-reviewed for Best Practices and updated with latest trends in a fast-moving industry, this SEMPO course:

Jennifer Dunphy Rzasa Your Online Marketing Expert

• Presents expert Search Marketing lesson content, structured with Learning Objectives, paced review quizzes, Real World case study examples, hands-on exercises and Lesson Summary;

• Trained on Resources, Tools and Software Applications in working demos;

• Measured knowledge gained in a comprehensive, graded Final Test for each course lesson, employing multiple test formats (Multiple Choice, Matching, True/False, Fill-In).

SEMPO Certificate Requirements

Jennifer Dunphy

• Successfully completed all Insider’s Guide to Search Marketing lessons and each lesson’s Final Test with a passing grade. For topics covered, see Insider’s Guide to Search Marketing.

• Accepted SEMPO Institute’s Terms of Service regarding copyright (lessons, courses), and property rights of authors (student, expert, faculty) of postings through SEMPO’s Learning Management System. See SEMPO Terms of Service.

• Received SEMPO Institute Certificate 4716 verifiable by the Institute (registrar@sempoinstitute.com).

• Acknowledged Privacy guidelines and information disclosure to SEMPO members or companies enrolling employees in SEMPO Institute coursework.

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