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October 15th, 2012

VP of Sales & Marketing
Vayu Media

“Jennifer helped me to navigate uncharted territories in the land of professional Speaking. She shared his strategies for securing speaking opportunities and offered valuable suggestions that I will immediately put into use. Jennifer is a giver…and we all know this is a New Generation of Marketing where giving content attracts new business. I will certainly refer business to her if I can.” February 25, 2012
1st Jichel Stewart, CEO, DigiStream Media
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Just saw Jennifer give a presentation on Linked In today at The Buckhead Club. As always, Jennifer did a great job. She was professional, prepared and through.” February 1, 2012
1st Susan Hinkle, Benefit Consultant, Broker, The McCart Group
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer is one of the most professional sales people I have been associated with. Her attention to detail on researching our compnay and delivering a tailored solution was spot on. jennifer has excellent follow up skills and meets all committments she makes. I would highly recccomned her, her company and their services.” January 30, 2012
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
1st Greg Trzaska
hired Jennifer as a Incentive Company in 2011

“CLASS ACT. Jennifer cares deeply about people and profits–not just hers, but yours also. I encourage you to meet Jennifer and see for yourself. If you’ve been “burned” by SEO consultants in the past, VAYU is a company to consider–their business model blends low cost labor with high class account management. The result has been beyond expectation for Write2Market.” January 30, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
1st Lisa Calhoun
hired Jennifer as a SEO in 2011

“Jennifer is quite knowledgeable and creative in her approach to marketing on the internet. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” July 6, 2011
1st Ray Smith III, Partner, Joyce,Thrasher,Kaiser & Liss ,LLC
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I had the luxury of hearing Jennifer speak at the Digital Summit Conference this year. She did a remarkable job at educating the attendees about SEO best practices and industry trends. It’s obvious Jennifer has a passion for helping businesses improve their SEO results.” May 30, 2011
1st Mike Piersa, Business Development Manager, Whatcounts
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I’ve known Jennifer for several years know. From the beginning, she struck me as a genuinely caring, straight foward, personable and bright young lady. As I’ve gotten to know her better, I’ve learned that she is also very knowledgable and capable at what she’s does.
I’ve recently asked her to present to a CEO group that I lead, and they all came away in awe — she definitely is an up-and comer in the Social Media and Online Marketing World.
She’s clearly a go-getter whose star is on the rise. I can’t recommend her more highly. I think so highly of her that I recently nominated her for LEAD Atlanta, and, if she wasn’t already committed to so many good causes, I know many nonprofit oranizations that would greatly benefit from engaging her talents.” May 25, 2011
1st Mike Skrynecki, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer’s “SEO Rapid Evolution and the Importance of an Effective SEO Strategy” was one of the best presentations at the 2011 Digital Summit. Her information is always relevant, well researched and substantial. She has the wonderful ability of connecting with an audience where attendees come to the topic with various knowledge levels. Jennifer is a gifted Subject Matter Expert who can take a very complex, rapidly evolving medium and give you a current “state of the union” very quickly. I highly recommend attending one of her presentations!” May 24, 2011
1st Kimberly Gray Fess, Vice President, Client Services, Hawthorne Visual Communications
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I had the pleasure of hearing Jennifer speak at the Digital Summit 2011 and I can honestly say that she provided the most timely, most relevant, and most informative content during the conference. Her professional presence on stage commanded audience attention while her extensive industry knowledge retained it. If you have the chance to hear her speak, I highly recommend you bring a few colleagues and a lot of paper.” May 19, 2011
1st Chris Lusk, Business Development Manager, WhatCounts
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer provided one of the best presentations at this year’s Digital Summit in Atlanta. Not only did she present ideas and suggestions to enhance and utilize social networks for business, she offered tips and platforms that I could implement immediately in our business. I highly recommend her.” May 19, 2011
1st Kathy Scott, Director of Public Relations/Social Media Strategist, Cygnus Business Media
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I recently attended Jennifer’s MAC SEO presentation, and found it to be a very hands-on, valuable use of my time. SEO management can seem quite overwhelming, but Jennifer presented the information in a very clear and concise manner making the subject matter very practical and easy to implement.” April 11, 2011
1st Melanie Mueller, Founder & President, Mel Boteri
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer’s pre-sale consulting demonstrates her in-depth understanding of SEO and how to apply it to the specifics of your business. Efficient, gets the job done, will improve your sales.” April 7, 2011
1st Nick Nicholson, Owner, Nicholson & Associates, Inc.
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Talk with Jennifer, or listen to one of her presentations, and it’s clear that she really knows today’s SEO strategies and the tactics that will help any company market successfully online. Equally important, having known Jen for several years, you can be confident that she’s always honing her skills and staying on top of the trends and changes in internet marketing that will keep your brand or company on top.” April 7, 2011
1st Steve Brett, Founder, CMO on Call
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I had the pleasure of taking part in a recent SEO presentation that Jennifer did for the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. It isn’t often that I take away as much valuable information in 90 minutes as I did that day. Jennifer has great communication skills and is a thought leader in the SEO arena. She generously shared her knowledge with her colleagues at MACOC and I was very grateful to have participated.” April 6, 2011
1st Barbara Hughes, Owner, Intellectual Capital Consulting, Inc.
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer has provided me with continued IT SEO support including a hands-on insightful and thorough group presentation for The Metro Atlanta Chamber. This event supplied entrepreneurs and business owners such as myself valuable tools to achieve our on-line marketing presence. I highly recommend Jennifer/Vayu Media for SEO and Online Marketing Services.” April 4, 2011
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
1st Drew Sisselman
hired Jennifer as a IT Consultant in 2011

“We attended the class on how to increase the visibility of our business on Google at the Metro Atlanta Chamber. Being a small business owner, Jennifers expertise on the subject helped me understand how to give my old website a tune-up in order to be on the top pages of search engines. Jennifer was very helpful and educated and gave insightful answers to questions asked in the audience. We were encouraged to try out the steps on our websites as soon as we got back home.

We really appreciated Jennifer giving her time, effort and energy on the subject.

Sincerely ED” April 4, 2011
1st Ed Siller, Owner, Effective Sales Promotions
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I moderated the ‘Women on the Web’ panel for the Women In the Spotlight Event in Atlanta on March 18, 2011. Jennifer was one of the panelists and she did an incredible job discussing the benefits of social media and having an online marketing strategy to the participants who were primarily women entrepreneurs. Jennifer was articulate, knowledgeable and fun to listen to. It would be a pleasure to share a stage with her again!” April 3, 2011
1st Lesley ChiefChick Batson, Chief Chick, Fanatchicks Group, LLC
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer presented SEO strategies at a recent MAC function to a wide level of experience of people, ranging from those with base knowledge of search engines to advanced levels. Faced with a tough challenge to bring the information to the group at a level where all could understand, and at the same time provide information to those with high level not to be left out or bored. She accomplished both by interacting with group, providing moments of humor, and keeping the audience’s attention. From the presentation I came away with more knowledge of how search engines work and good base knowledge of what is required to optimize web marketing for the best results. I would highly recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of Jennifer’s presentations to do so, and be prepared to receive very useful and helpful information.” April 1, 2011
1st Brad Fowler, President, Baumueller Nuermont Corp
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I found Jennifer’s recent presentation on Search Engine Optimization very informative and beneficial. Speaking to a large audience that was very diverse in their level of knowledge about the World Wide Web, Jennifer found an effective way to relate to everyone through easy-to-understand language, real life examples and humor. Jennifer’s presentation was dynamic and inspiring; all thanks to her solid expertise and passion for what she does.” March 31, 2011
1st Elena Kochutin, Associate Attorney, Siskind Susser PC
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer and I participated in the Women in the Spotlight 2011 Conference in Atlanta, specifically on a panel featuring “Women on the Web.” Jennifer provided some amazing insight on SEO/SEM tactics and digital marketing to the women attending the conference. I’d love to work with her again in the future!” March 31, 2011
1st Courtney Stovall, Co-Founder, President & Chief Creative Officer,
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable in search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve a business’ Google rankings. She recently did a SEO lunch and learn at the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC). Jennifer provided an enormous amount of information in her seminar at the MAC. I have already started to implement her tips for my wife’s website and her business will benefit from moving up on Google search results. If you are looking for help improving your company’s internet visibility and Google ranking Jennifer and Vayu Media can deliver the results you are after!” March 31, 2011
1st Justin DeMone, Webmaster, Kelly’s Salon
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer provided a enormous amount of information in her seminar at the MAC, all of which is usable on a daily basis. I have already started to implement her tips and will reap the benefits of moving my company up on Google!” March 31, 2011
1st Libby Laguta, EDAC, Owner, L2 Designs Inc.
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Many people purport to be an expert, but few are able to successfully walk that talk time and again. Jennifer Dunphy and her team prove repeatedly why they are one of the top SEO and Website Optimization firms in the country. I know that every piece of business I refer to her will be handled in a timely and professional manner with the utmost care. I strongly recommend you take the time to learn why Vayu Media is simply your best solution for all things web related. They are top-notch!” November 30, 2010
1st Andrea Busse, CEO & President, InterNext Technologies DBA IntelaText
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I highly recommend Jennifer Dunphy. Jennifer has vast knowledge of the fields of website design, search engine optimization, and online marketing strategies. Anyone who uses Jennifer’s services will quickly learn that her knowledge and experience will greatly improve your business marketing efforts and, therefore, your bottom line.” November 11, 2010
1st James Miller, Owner, Law Office of James M. Miller
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer spoke to a meeting of small firm and sole practitioner attorneys, at which I was in attendance. Those present received Jennifer’s very insightful information and suggestions regarding marketing online. And, Jennifer’s interpersonal skills kept the audience engaged. Highly recommended.” October 25, 2010
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
2nd Clark A.D. Wilson
hired Jennifer as a Speaker in 2010

“I was at a seminar Jennifer provided on Search Engine Optimization or optimizing the use of the web. The presentation was thorough and insightful. I am asking her to make a presentation to my group of people.” October 25, 2010
1st Leon Pomerance, Attorney at Law, Leon Pomerance
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer gave a very practical and interesting presentation at the SP/SF Section breakfast. It was very well-attended no doubt due to the timely topic and great speaker. I would highly recommend Jennifer to any other group with members looking to learn more about how to market their practice.” October 25, 2010
1st Glenn Lyon, Partner, MacGregor Lyon, LLC, Business Attorneys
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer was one of the best Social Media panelists I have shared the stage with. She understands the questions they throw at the panel and she provides the direct and creative answers that people seek.

Those are the traits that translates into top shelf strategies for others. You won’t be disappointed with Jennifer.” August 12, 2010
1st Mike O’Neil, LinkedIn Speaker | Social Media Speaker, Integrated Alliances
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I spoke on a Social Media panel with Jennifer. She has a firm grasp of the media and is a resource for many companies of varying sizes. All I talked to were very impressed.” June 8, 2010
1st Rich Wilson, Creative Director, Big Scary Cranium
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“We throughly enjoyed Jennifer’s presentation on how to upgrade our corporate website. She is creative, insightful and truly an expert. We look forward to working with Jennifer on future projects.” May 18, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
1st Nelson Sexton
hired Jennifer as a Business Consultant in 2010

“In less than two hours, Jennifer filled in my knowledge gaps and brought me up to speed on website content, SEO, and social marketing. Her presentation was very valuable and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve in these areas.” April 28, 2010
1st Mason Berryman, P.E., LEED AP, Principal Engineer, Geo-Hydro Engineers, Inc.
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I attended one of Jennifer’s seminars to learn some tips on increasing the effectiveness of my company’s website. The information she shared was amazing. She was offering ideas so fast, I could not write them all down. Jennifer knows how to make any website better and produce results.” April 22, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
1st Chris Abbey
hired Jennifer as a IT Consultant in 2010

“I have spent a great deal of time getting to know Jennifer and her views on her industry. Yesterday, I listened intently to an extraordinary presentation in which she was able to explain the fine points of website design in easily understandable terms while making clear the critical aspects and strategies necessary to developing an on-line presence which is both meaningful and useful to business development. In addition, she was very clear that the web presence is a critical tool but must be considered within a much more comprehensive strategy about the nature of one’s business. We look forward to working with her as we move into the redevelopment of our website and consider the changes in the way that we present ourselves to our clients.” April 14, 2010
1st Kyle Epstein, President, Warren Epstein and Associates, Architects, Inc.
worked with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jen is a pleasure; very business-like, but often with a twinkle in her eye. She likes to get things done, and takes great joy in getting to know the terrain. She is reliable and very imaginative, and takes great pride in what she does. Work with her!!!” April 8, 2010
1st Barry Etra, Principal, Etra Advisory Group
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for several years now. While at Yellow Book, she helped me dramatically improve my print advertising campaign. Later at Vayu, she was of great assistance in advising me how best to use the internet to grow my practice. Jen is a capable professional and would be a valuable asset to anyone fortunate enough to retain her services.” March 17, 2010
1st Gary R. Neigeborn, CRPC, First Vice President/Investments, Janney Montgomery Scott
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer was invited to our owner’s group to give us an overview of Social Media marketing. Her presentation was comprehensive, relevant, and left our group with a presentation outline and actionable, specific steps for us to take. We all agreed to have her back the following month to present Search Engine Optimization, also an excellent overview with specifics included.
I would recommend Jennifer to any business or group looking to get serious results with their website and social media marketing program; you will not be disappointed!” January 28, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
1st Karen Chamberlain
hired Jennifer as a Business Consultant in 2009

“I am very pleased to recommend Jennifer for all of your internet marketing needs. Jennifer is bright, energetic, knowledgeable and passionate about her work.

Jennifer possesses a proven track record which displays both the desire & ability to help companies meet and exceed their business goals.

I’m grateful to have had the pleasure to learn from someone who’s naturally driven to succeed and eager to teach others in the process.

Working with Jennifer for your internet marketing needs is the best thing you can do for your company in 2010 and for years to come!” January 1, 2010
1st Ra’Shaunda Fuller, Marketing Strategist, Vayu Media
reported to Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer is someone who is professional, honest, and lives by the highest standard of business ethics. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else, who has passion and dedication like her in her field. She is educated and continues to look for cutting edge techniques and mediums for her future and current clients. I look forward to working with her now and in the future.” December 28, 2009
1st Ashley Puckett, Project Coordinator, Sharitz Marketing Solutions
was with another company when working with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer and her team are very dynamic and have always been a pleasure to work with. Unlike many “web design” firms, they understand the importance of a balanced marketing mix and will readily advise a client if they believe their monies would be better spent elsewhere.” December 21, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
1st Jarrette Burckhalter
hired Jennifer as a Web Design and Online Marketing in 2008, and hired Jennifer more than once

“Jennifer was hired to take over my position as Corporate Trainer for Yellow Book. I worked directly with Jennifer for 3 months to help her transition into the training position. Jennifer is extremely task oriented and excellent at dealing with problems as they arise. Jennifer proved a quick learner and transitioned into the new role with ease and confidence.” July 15, 2009
1st Claire Adams, District Sales Manager, Yellow Book USA
worked directly with Jennifer at Vayu Media

“Jennifer was always a leader. In both sales and attitude Jennifer set the standard for our office. She is a dynamic person who is able to take control and produce results. She was always top producer and consistently at the top of ranking reports. It was my pleasure to work alongside Jen and I would love the opportunity to do so again.” July 9, 2009
1st Rebecca Sullivan, Media Consultant, YellowBook
worked with Jennifer at Vayu Media
Sales Training Manager/ Corporate Trainer

“Jennifer is a huge asset to our company. She constantly goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that our new hires understand and leave training class with a complete understanding of the company philosphy and all the tools they need to be successful. When not training a class she is always in the field assisting in any market that is in need.” October 17, 2007
1st Janet Kutsch, Training Assistant, Yellow Book USA
worked directly with Jennifer at Yellow Book USA
Media Consultant/ Account Executive

“Jennifer is a sales leader, in her numeric results, her mastery of the sales process and her attitude. As an Account Executive, she stayed at the top of the ranking reports, helped her peers improve and exemplified the self-motivation necessary for success in sales. She was equally impressive in the Sales Trainer role. The employees she trained entered the sales team prepared and ready for the task at hand. Jennifer is a consistent top performer and asset to her team because she is committed to being the best.” February 4, 2009
1st Bianca M. Rhym, Associate Sales Manager, Yellowbook
worked directly with Jennifer at Yellow Book USA

“Jennifer first came to me as an inexperienced sales representative looking to cut her teeth. She was hungry, coachable and possessed the ingredients needed to achieve, sustain and replicate success. After achieving outstanding results in the sales channel, Jennifer went on to teach (as a corporate trainer) bringing her field lessons to the classroom as to help others succeed. In order to teach one has to learn it twice – testament to her ability to adapt, convey a clear message and lead people.

Jennifer’s down-to-earth logic and enthusiasm for sales/business makes her as great asset regardless of the role. I recommend her as a positive contributor to any company’s bottom line and environment!” February 4, 2009
1st Matt Jaworovich, District Sales Manager, Yellowbook
managed Jennifer at Yellow Book USA

“Jennifer was such a motivating person to work with. Her ambition and good attitude encourage others around her to strive for something more, including myself! She sets the bar high and leads by good example for others to follow. She is definitely someone you want on your team.” August 22, 2008
1st Jamie Wilson, Account Exec, Yellow Book
worked with Jennifer at Yellow Book USA

“Jennifer is a sales professional who is refreshingly productive and driven in a concise manner that is typifyed most by her intelligence and her uncompromisingly passionate work ethic. During her tenure under my direct supervision she was ranked number one in an office of more than forty salespeople,” October 20, 2007
1st Dave Brown, District Sales Manager, Yellow Book USA
managed Jennifer at Yellow Book USA

“Jennifer is extremely hard working and motivated. She was consistently a top producer while I was working with her, both in the number of sales she made and also in the amount those sales were for. She quickly got promoted to sales trainer because of her work ethic and drive. She is outgoing and I think she would be a great asset to most any organization.” October 17, 2007
1st Geoffrey DeMars, Account Representative, YellowBook
worked directly with Jennifer at Yellow Book USA

“Jennifer is a very hard working, goal driven individual. She consistantly over-acheived her quotas and assisted her team towards their goals. Jennifer was able to rapidly advance her career due her efforts and acheivements.” October 9, 2007
1st Heath Farley, Account Executive, Yellowbook USA
worked directly with Jennifer at Yellow Book USA

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