Search engine friendly website design

January 7th, 2010 by Jennifer Dunphy

Even if you have optimized your website’s content, your website’s design could prevent search engines from reading and indexing the information. Search engine optimization starts at the core of your website’s design. It includes far more than just placing keywords in HTML title tags, meta tags and meta descriptions. Designing your website for optimization involves the strategic use of images plus limited reliance on Flash and other design elements that cannot be indexed by the search engines. For instance, use your keywords as text links to get from one page to another rather than using a button that says “click here” or other image. By creating text based links to both internal & external pages, you are telling the search engines that this link will take them to a page that discusses “strategic marketing”, therefore they will start to associate the destination page with “strategic marketing” vs. “click here”. The design should support your search engine optimization efforts by making each page of your content accessible to search engines. Including internal text links as an important part of your website optimization plan will assure that search engines and visitors understand what your site and business offer.

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